Stuart Hertzog

 H E R T Z O G


think radio is a great medium — it's classic. Radio can create an intense inner mental and emotional space that the literalness of print just can't match.

Radio lets the listener hear a person's voice, picking up the nuances of their character far better than any interview or written statement.

Radio is hot and contemporary, so rapidly-breaking issues can be tackled directly. To me, that makes it a very political medium.

“ I think radio is a great medium — it's classic. Like music, radio can create intense personal inner mental and emotional spaces that the literalness of print and television just can't match.

With the rise of the Web and broadband plus greater use of portable MP3 players, I think radio is going through a renaissance that could rival its early years and seriously challenge the hegemony of newspapers and television news.

I’ve put up some Commentary pieces I've written and broadcast on CBC One. Some were heard just in BC while others were broadcast nationally. Most of them are on energy issues.

I’ve added an MP3 audio file to The Limits of Power (Grids). Don’t click on it if you have a slow connection… Oh! Too late! Sorry!

Desktop radio — at last!

Works for CBC Radio One

More to come....