Stuart Hertzog

 H E R T Z O G

On The Web

The Web is the hot news and commentary medium. With the increasing use of broadband access plus the enthusiastic adoption of portable MP3 players especially by the younger folk, it's become the most exciting place to be.

Which is why I’m here….

As a writer, I'm intrigued by the immediacy and reach offered by the Web, and I must admit to be somewhat fascinated by the technology, which just keeps getting more bewilderingly complex as it so quickly evolves. But there's virtue in simplicity, and I'm findng that building this (relatively) straightforward site brings out the designer in me.

Keep it simple and add lightness — that used to be the motto of aircraft designers. It's not a bad thought to keep in mind, especially with the limited attention span of web grazers these days.

Here are some pieces I’ve written for the Web:

Keep checking back—I’m sure there’s more to come....