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I started early in the Web helping to build the Canada's first commercial web site at in Burnaby.

Wimsey, as in Lord Peter, was run by Unix guru Stuart Lynn (another Stuart!). Wimsey was a small service mainly suppling Internet news feeds to the then-big bulletin boards in Vancouver, plus limited Internet-via-Unix for techies.

I helped Wimsey’s transition to the then-new ‘point-and-click’ Internet. Wimsey quickly supplanted the bulletin boards and the rest, as they say, is history. So is It was bought out by Istar, which then died its own horrible death by acquisition, Dog knows by whom. now takes you to this.

I built the first web sites for:
Vancouver Village (now Vancouver magazine)
Open Learning Agency Web Publishing course
THA Media (very early site for small screens)
Moving Images (they're still using it)
Kootenay School of the Arts

Because the Web moves so fast the only one that exists in its original form is the Moving Images site. And so it goes...

The most interesting and fun site I built is my A Buddhist in Mongolia, which I put together from emails I wrote while researching the rebuilding of a heritage Buddhist monastery.

I then moved on to WordPress sites, a free blog content management system that I like very much. Here are all five (!) of my current blog sites (do you think i spread myself out too much?):

And so it goes....

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